Satanic by Default

Published September 13, 2019

Default Satanism is an idea that rests on the modest assertion that the failure of Christian morality creates an opportunity for its nemesis to claim an ethical high ground. In this regard, Satanism represents not a belief, but a protest, a symbolic act of contrarianism. The caveat here is that default Satanism depends on the embodiment of a more principled ethic than the one peddled by Christianity. It’s not as hard to achieve as one might think. We are non-judgmental; we shun hypocrisy we tolerate diversity, we do more than pay lip service to ideals of compassion and justice, we are grounded in science and reason. We value love as much as anyone. We strive to know ourselves, thereby speaking and acting from a place of integrity. Default Satanism has but one purpose, to live up to its principles and by example, subvert the dominant Christian paradigm by bringing its opposition to ascendancy. When our lives conform to our tenets, we are most powerful. A living example is worth more than a thousand words.

The Devil has been mankind’s scapegoat for centuries; everything wrong about us gets blamed on him. In this way, we externalize what is actually ours to own. It is this radical form of honesty to face one’s shadow self. To see that “light” and “dark” are two parts of one whole. This realization instigates the move toward default Satanism. It is the rejection of a lie and the embracing of the forgotten self. Doing so is the first step toward making a meaningful personal change and reconciling a divided identity.

This is not to say that anyone is necessarily a “default Satanist” – just that this is how I came to find myself identifying more with “team Satan” than “team Jesus.”